Had a lovely discussion about gratitude today with Joy Stevens of Grateful Chics.  They provide beautiful daily reminders to count your blessings.

What struck me, was how those of us “in the know,” have no trouble at all discussing the miracles in our lives.  I regularly talk about the magic that occurs at our Coffee &Collaboration® table; I have a daily meditation practice; and feel like I am constantly aware of just how lucky I am to have this beautiful life.

To me, gratitude is a normal part of the every day, from first thing in the morning (“5 things”) to the last thing before I go to bed (“whatcha grateful for?”), plus every time I go in or out of my house I have a visual reminder.

Since it is so embedded in my life, I don’t have any big stories about “how gratitude made things better,” or “significant life changes,” due to actively engaging in gratitude.

So I wonder… Do you?

What kinds of gratitude do you practice?  How has it made a difference in your life?

If you don’t have a regular practice, why not?  What is in the way of you starting?  I’m curious!

Please comment & share.