As the first month of  2022 draws to a close, I am inspired to create opportunities to collaborate in ALL things.

Since one of my biggest challenges is staying motivated without deadlines, I’ve set up arbitrary “get things done” days with friends.  It’s collaborating our energies for our own projects.

Next “Study Buddy” group is Wednesday, February 23rd, 2-4pm.

Next “Werk!” Day is Thursday, February 24th, 10am-1pm.

Links are live for Mountain Time Zone.  All are welcome.

The collaboration that I am most excited about though, is working with the amazing duo of Steve Farber and Maurice Thibodeaux in the Extreme Leadership Accelerator – monthly support and education around the concepts of L.E.A.P.

  • Cultivating LOVE

  • Generating ENERGY

  • Inspiring AUDACITY

  • Providing PROOF

There’s more information below the fold.

I am extremely grateful for your willingness to participate with me on this new adventure.  Happy New Year!