February is a time that we in the United States think a lot about love.

Our celebration of St. Valentine gives us the opportunity to focus on our beloved (usually a partner, but often parents/children and/or friends – “will you be my Galentine?”)

The opportunity I had this month was of a different kind of love though – SELF LOVE.

I got sick at the end of January (yes, it was Covid).

I had to step back from all of my planned activities and focus simply on getting well.  (I was lucky – the “sick” part passed quickly – but the exhaustion was extensive).

HAVING to take time for myself was a really excellent reminder.

I cannot effect positive change in the world if I am not creating a positive environment for myself.

I set up lots of space for napping, for going to bed early and sleeping late.

I noticed the thought, “Oh, I’m being so LAZY,” more than once.

Except I wasn’t.  It was not lazy to allow my body to heal itself.  It was not only EXACTLY what I needed, but the ONLY thing that was going to work.  (I *tried* working on other things… I fell asleep).

Next month, I’m going to practice self-love by taking myself to the beach.  It’s good to remember that I don’t have to be sick to have good-health days.

What are you going to do for LOVE this month?