I had a great learning this month about LovingKindnesss.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was getting overwhelmed.  My calendar was full, Full, FULL! 

I was not happy about it.  

(Let’s just set aside for the moment the fact that I did it to myself – shhhh!)

Had this been a client or a friend, I would have gently asked about their priorities – what would be the kindest thing they could do for themselves?  

Where, I would have asked, is your heart?  

What activities are feeding you?  

Which ones are eating at you?

This month, I asked MYSELF those questions… 

I discovered that there was one thing on my calendar that I had been doing week in and week out without giving it much thought.  When I really examined it though, I realized that I was actually experiencing a feeling of DREAD.

What had given me energy for many years (fed me), was no longer helping.  In fact, it was harming.

I gave myself permission to STOP.  (I reached out to the person with whom I had an agreement about it and asked to be released from the commitment).

And suddenly, not only did that activity fall off of my calendar, but it gave me strength to remove another – and then another big event was postponed.

My schedule went from overfull to wide open in a 48 hour period!  

I used the time to take myself on a mini-retreat to reset/refresh/renew.

When we think of LovingKindness, we usually aim it toward other people.  My invitation to you this month is to do it for your own sweet self!






P.S. Sometimes it’s hard to do it on your own. I’d love to hear what you are working on.  You can go to my calendar at any time to book a collaborative session.