Leadership & Love

I am looking right now at photos of mentors I’ve had in my life.

The first one is of Ken Windes, an ex-con-come-therapist who created a brilliant personal growth program in the late 70s called “The Game.”  In it, you were invited to say what you really think about the world (and each other), and to hear and respond to what people said about you.  

As terrifying as that may sound, it was incredibly powerful to have my behaviors magnified enough to see them.  (It’s very easy to lie to myself about how I’m feeling. But when a roomful of people point out my tears,  it’s much harder to deny).

He said, “prisons are not built to keep you inside; but to keep other people out.  Once you take down your own walls, prisons become unnecessary.”  (I’m paraphrasing from memory – but you get the idea).

It was from him that I experienced the radical shift that comes from accepting, embracing and celebrating exactly where you are in the moment.

Even (Especially!) if you don’t like where you are/what you are doing.  

Making it wrong, judging and/or refusing to even look at your reality is what really keeps you stuck.

It was incredibly powerful work for many years, and continues to inspire me today (though Ken is long gone).  

What is it that you need to embrace, in order to change?





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