Human Spirit

I was torn this month. On one hand, I wanted to share about a dear mentor of mine (who’s picture I recently unearthed). On the other hand, I found a fabulous quote by (yet, another) mentor/friend. I’ve decided to share both.

Jean Yancey was a woman ahead of her time. She knew that caring for people was the most vital part of doing business. She owned a bridal shop in the 1970s, and was very clear that each one of her brides was important & special, and capitalized on personal attention.

I met her in the early 80s as a new business owner and board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). It was my honor to be tasked as her driver.

Jean always said, “know that you make a difference in the world.”  Visiting with her for even just a few minutes, you left understanding your value, and inspired to do whatever work was needed.

What I learned from her (and others) is captured very nicely in Michael’s quote.

Your personal work is EXACTLY what the world needs from you.

The way that YOU see the world allows YOU to create miracles.

Time and again, I’ve come across people who perceive a solution to making the world work, but can only just begin to articulate it. It has been my privilege to help those luminaries create the steps necessary to communicate the vision and develop action steps to make it a reality.

The world NEEDS you to address issues as only you are able. How can I help?





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