Creative Leadership

creative leadershipWhen people ask me what I do for work, sometimes I have a hard time explaining it.  

No one goes on the web and says, “I’m looking for someone to help me change the world.


That is what I do.

I find people who have really good ideas, that solve really big problems, that change a piece of their world.

I help them make them real –  get the idea out of their head, and give it form.  

Enroll teams.

Create communications.

Define a sequence of events.

Market & publicize.

Connect people who can help move things forward.

Make it so easy to understand that investors can’t help but say “yes.”

The other thing I do (which is occasionally more important), is to help people get out of their own way.

People have so many stories and beliefs around why they can’t do the big thing, they quit before they even get started.

Simply because they don’t know how.

The world NEEDS leaders.  The world NEEDS your ideas.

I am so excited by the possibilities everywhere.

And I LOVE making things happen.

How can I help YOU today?





Do you have a really good idea, but don’t know what to do with it?  I am excellent at helping you articulate, share, and develop action plans around it. Let’s chat.
You can go to my calendar at any time to book a collaborative session.