Making Mistakes

This photo showed up in one of my Facebook Groups and I absolutely adore it.  

Not just new mistakes, but GLORIOUS new mistakes!  

What a great goal.

Because, really.  Are we learning anything if we don’t make mistakes?

In the Money & You Program, there is an amazing amount of financial education happening, cleverly disguised as games.  Once the game is over, there is always a WINNING team and also a LEARNING team. 

Which team do you think made the most mistakes?

What’s important is that BOTH teams had something to offer the group in the way of furthering our knowledge.

As the year winds down, and I review what’s happened over the last 12 months, I’m really excited by all of the opportunities I have had.  The ones that make the biggest impressions are the ones that were bumpier, rather than smooth.

The ones where more mistakes were made.

I’ve heard it said that learning happens through repetition.  Except I think that may be a fallacy.  Learning happens when mistakes are made, and then we correct them.

Make the Mistake.

Make the Correction.

Enjoy the learning.

The more glorious the mistake, the greater the opportunity for growth!

Here’s to a year of Growth & Learning.


I’m starting a couple of new things this year:

One – Office Time.  Known previously as TuRTLe (Take Rachel To Lunch).  Now Talk w/Rachel Through Lunch.  (I love silliness).  This time is open for consultations & support.  Just jump on and we can chat and collaborate. 

TuRTLe 🐢 Hour will be the SECOND MONDAY of each month at 12pm Mountain Time.  

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Two – Working in isolation sucks.  I get distracted easily and put off doing things that are important.  So this year, I’ve created a space to get (and GIVE) support.  I’m calling it “Work. Separately. Together” (or W.S.T.)  For two hours twice a month, I’ll open up a community zoom room.  You bring your project & I’ll bring mine.  We’ll work separately, together.  (Kind of like my college coffee/study groups).  

W.S.T. will be the SECOND and FOURTH WEDNESDAYS of the month, 9am – 11am Mountain Time. 

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And if you want your OWN time with me, click on my calendar to book a collaborative session!

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