If you’ve received an email from me in the past five years or so, you’ve seen one of my favorite quotes from R. Buckminster Fuller:

“The only FAILURE is the Failure to PARTICIPATE”

I put this quote in my signature line to remind myself (and encourage others) to go ahead and do things.

Do them scared.

Do them badly.

Do them even if you are unsure if they’re supposed to be done.

Even on days when I feel like nothing is going right, I still take action.

Taking action when you’re not sure what to do is like treading water.

It’s not necessarily about going somewhere specific.

Kicking around puts things in motion and allows ideas to rise and connections to be made.

You don’t know what’s under the surface until you swirl things around a bit.

One idea leads to another idea, leads to another.  

Something shows up to do next.

The only sure way to stay stuck is to quit trying.

So, even if you are having a day where you don’t want to do anything…

Do one thing anyway.

The gifts in life come when you show up for them.


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