As self-aware as I am, I notice that occasionally I do not pay attention to the messages I’m receiving.  

The quote above showed up on my page-a-day calendar about a month ago.

I thought, “that’s really deep,” 

and promptly forgot about it.

And then I got sick.

In the middle of a program.

Away from home.

In a crappy hotel room.


My first thought was, “did I not slow down fast enough?”

My second… “What’s WRONG with me?”


Have you ever done that?

Not only ignored the signs around you, 

but then got angry with yourself for being human?


Yeah.  Me neither.  (Hahahahaha)


Now that I am well (thanks for asking), I’ve been contemplating this more.

I have lots and lots of energy around DOING things.

Totally capable of MAKING things happen.

But really not so good at ALLOWING life to unfold.


This lesson about slowing down is exactly what I need right now.

Learning how to move slowly 

(Literally… stretch and HOLD)

is changing my ability to respond to the world.


I invite you to join me.


Could you use help slowing down?  Figuring out what is important?  What’s getting in the way of what’s important?  I’d love to help.


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