So if the newsletter is called Monthly Musings, is it over the top to write an article on Self-Reflection?


But it’s on my mind, so why not?

Although self-reflection is sometimes derided as navel-gazing, it can (and should) be an important component of leadership.

Knowing yourself enough to recognize when something is not quite right, is a tool you can use to support yourself and others in making changes.

If there is an outcome happening in your life that you have a judgment about being wrong/bad, what do you have to do to fix it?

First, you have to understand if it’s an internal or external issue.

Are you responding to stimuli because it reminds you of a situation in your past?

Or are you recognizing an anomaly?  

Is there a threat?

How do you react? (knee-jerk action?  Or a slow, thoughtful inquiry?)

Being self-aware as a management tool is on my mind today, because I am newly-certified in an amazing tool that creates a literal “Life Map” of your values and how you are expressing them.

It gently points out blind-spots and potential triggers, and gives you clear information about how to live your life fully and abundantly.

Not just for those in leadership positions, but anyone who wants to live in full abundance, the Life Inventory Assessment is a great place to explore.

It would be my honor to share it with you!


The Life Inventory Assessment takes about 20 minutes to fill out, then a 90-minute session to decipher and explore.  If you would like to learn more, please visit my website

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