The Unimaginable Future

I saw this sign in the airport sometime in the last year.  It made me smile and think about people traveling, and the planning it takes to make things happen.  How appropriate for people going off on big adventures.

But really, how appropriate for any day, for any situation.

There was a time in my life, long ago, where I didn’t even imagine being a mother (let alone a mother to FOUR BOYS!)  

There was a time later, when motherhood was ingrained, when I could never have imagined being a widow.   

When you lose a spouse, not only do you lose your person/partner, but you lose the future you’d planned together.  

After 25 years the kids are now creating their own lives.*  

It’s time (again) for me to create my own.

Not since I was a teenager has the future been so completely my own to imagine.

I am feeling both excited and melancholy. 

The possibilities are limitless.


Let’s go!


*Jakob & his partner just bought their first house; Ryan decided to go to trade school (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.) and starts classes this week; Ari is staying at camp through the fall and then returning to Japan; Evan leaves for 5 months in China tomorrow).


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