I was going to write about REST.

But then I realized… Although I’ve done some of that recently (Yay for island beaches!), mostly what I’ve been doing is refusing to rest.  

Refusing to trust.  

Refusing to let things be.

I have been very excited for the last few months to take in all sorts of information.  I’ve been to three very powerful trainings since August, and learned an incredible amount.

And now, I am pushing myself to incorporate this knowledge and DO ALL THE THINGS.

My leadership cohort (the fabulous Mischievous Mavericks*) asked me the other day, “What’s your hurry?”

“Why are you pushing so hard?”

Why indeed?

With reflection, I realize that I have been fighting a wave of grief about a personal loss and having difficulty trusting that the Universe is on my side.

Been filling the emptiness with anything and everything in my (significant) arsenal.

But what I was NOT doing was Resting. 


Allowing the unfolding.

Between my cohort and my coach, I was encouraged/reminded that I do NOT have to push the boulder uphill.

Being in these relationships serves to REMIND me what I already know…

I am enough.  

There is enough time.  

To everything there is a season.

My season now is to rest, repair and ruminate.  

What is yours to do this season?


*The Extreme Leadership Accelerator provides phenomenal support for keeping me on track.  I’ll be leading a new cohort in January.  It’s Personal and it’s Professional.  If you have things to do, and want accountability (and a powerful education on leadership), let’s talk.

In other news, I will again be leading the staff at Money & You November 15-18 in San Diego.  It is a life-changing experiential program proven to transform anyone’s business and personal life with a focus on creating lasting wealth and human connection. There is still time to register.

Lastly, I will be at the 50 Fun Things Pura Vida Costa Rica Retreat in February.  For a five-minute break and a taste of the retreat, check out this beautiful video.

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