The Journey

At a restaurant at the outskirts of Dallas, with a friend whom I’ve known for decades, we found this sign.  

Isn’t it great when the Universe gives you the exact message you need to receive?!?

You are exactly where you need to be.

It’s so profound, I want to say it again.

You. Are. EXACTLY. Where. You. Need. To. Be.

You.  Not anyone else.  Not where your mom says you should be.  Not where your coworker says.  Not where the top ten lists of 2023 say.  Just you.  Just here.

The “where” in this for me, is what stage of life I’m in.  Whether I’m grieving a relationship, or celebrating a new sense of purpose, my “where” is in my head.

How often do we come to the end of the year, do a mental review, and find ourselves short of where we thought we’d be?  

I thought I’d be “further along,” in my goals and dreams.  I thought I’d be someplace other than right here.

And then (am I the only one?), I judge.  I think, “where I am is not good enough.”

“There is something WRONG.”


Did I though?  Did you?

I saw a quote yesterday that said, “if you erased all of your past mistakes, you would also erase yourself.”  

Who you are is the sum total of what you have experienced.  You bring to the world your unique way of seeing things that only came by way of your learning.

I fervently believe that the world needs you to step up and do the thing that only you can do.  I believe that if the world is going to work for everyone, then everyone needs to participate, and to share their gifts.

You are exactly where you need to be.

With me.



Reading my Monthly Musings.

Perhaps this is the message YOU needed today too.

How can I support you in your journey?


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