I made a list this morning of all the acronyms I’m working with – LIA, ELA, 50FT, LEAP, M&Y, UTC – while trying to rebuild my website.  

People have told me that they  love my website.  

And then ask me, “What is it that you actually DO, Rachel?

What a great question!  (Thanks for asking!)


The short answer has become, “I’m in Leadership Development Training and Coaching.”  

But what does that mean?

(I’ll try to answer it here, and maybe that will help me with my website)

Wherever I go, I find people who have great ideas about making the world work.  

On one end of the spectrum, people are actively engaged in business, writing or teaching with the goal of addressing an issue that they understand intimately.  

On the other end, people are struggling with the feeling there is something bigger, more important for them to be doing, but stuck on how to take steps to move forward.

Regardless of where you are, I love to ask, “what’s next? Or, “what’s in the way of what’s next?”  

“What do you need in order to move your ideas out into the world?”

Sometimes what I do is connect people.  (“Oh!  I know someone you should talk to!”)

Sometimes, I wonder out loud, if there is something blocking them, and make a guess about what it might be (I’m REALLY GOOD at this, by the way).

Almost always, I discover that people are under the impression that they are the only ones out there trying to do this specific work, and they feel ALONE.

My specific skills are to 1) demonstrate that you are NOT alone; 2) reframe the issue to show that YOU have the power to make the needed changes; and 3) share tools with you of both self-discovery and action.

And all those acronyms…?

They are MY tools to help YOU!

What are you working on?

How can I help?


One of the things I DO is lead a cohort of brilliant people who are changing their worlds.  Want to be one of them?  Here is a short video introduction to the Extreme Leadership Accelerator (ELA) by my friend and mentor, Steve Farber..  We’re starting a new cohort soon and have three spots remaining. Reply to this email to be considered for one of the spaces.

Other fun things I’m doing (50 of them, in fact!)… I’m presenting “50 Fun Things” at the Camp Experience Network on May 8.  Click to learn about living BOLDER and more JOYFULLY!  ($15)

I collaborate with individuals, teams, and organizations to increase positive social impact. Together, we take your biggest, wildest, most audacious vision, and bring it to life.

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