What Feeds Your Soul?

Photo Credit – Charlie Sherry

I’m sitting on my back patio, enjoying the breeze that cools our hot days. Summer has just begun officially, and I’ve been dancing at outdoor venues 5 out of the last 7 days, with more scheduled tonight and tomorrow.

Even though I am no longer a Jazzercise instructor (I retired after 16 years of teaching), dancing feeds my soul.  It always has.

It got me wondering…

What feeds your soul?

What is it that you know you need to do regularly in order to be your whole, complete self?

Dancing is one of my things; connecting deeply with people is another.

In embracing my role as a coach, I realize my work is to help clients understand what is driving them.

I fully believe that each of us has a purpose for being – a “WHY” that makes us who we are, and is our gift to the world.

As I am writing, I am wondering… What would be the highest service I could offer you today?

What can I do to support and inspire you?

My thought is to invite you to spend a few minutes thinking about what makes YOU come alive…  

Notice where you have the most energy – emotional or physical – and take a few minutes to explore.

Are you taking action to create/invite/allow more of it into your life?

My personal goal right now is to create a bias toward ACTION.

DOING the things that bring the most joy, connection and love into the world.

Can I support you in doing the same?

Let’s chat.  My calendar is open.

We’ve just launched the Extreme Leadership Accelerator (ELA), Summer Edition.  I am so excited to support others in really stepping up to make their big dreams come to life. The next opening will be in September. Here is a short video by Steve Farber,  the creator of the Radical LEAP (the framework for the ELA Program).  Reply to this email to be considered for the Fall program.

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