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Rachel Claret

Rachel Claret

Evocateur, Collaborator, Catalyst, Coach

I am so grateful that you’ve stopped by my little corner of the internet.  Connecting with people who are committed to making the world a better place feeds me to the core of my being.

I’ve spent my lifetime learning, engaging, and sharing my love of transformation work. Seeing people go from “I want to do that,” to, “Wow!  Look what I did!” is the best feeling in the world.

I’m super curious about what drives people and love asking deep, penetrating questions.  I truly believe that EVERYBODY has something of value to add to the world, and consider it my job to figure out what it is.  (Some un-enlightened people seem to think I’m nosy… I believe curiosity is a high calling).

I’m also a big fan of having fun.  When people ask me what I’m up to, it’s usually, “shenanigans!  Wanna join me?”  After all, if you aren’t having fun creating your world, what’s the point?

If you are curious about how we might work together, check out my collaboration process below.  I’d love to be a resource for you!

  • I believe it’s possible to make the world work for 100% of humanity
  • I believe everyone has brilliance to offer the world
  • I believe in the power of systems – it’s *how* things get done
  • I believe the only failure is the failure to participate
  • I believe in myself; I believe in you

The Collaboration Process

Like how a river without banks becomes a bog, a dream without structure goes nowhere.  The purpose of a boundary is to create directed flow.  Without a plan, ideas swirl around and get lost.  

With a plan, miracles happen.

This is how the collaboration process works.


We start by identifying the heart of the issue.  What is the *real* problem you are addressing?  Often it is hidden underneath a desire to clean up a past hurt.  Before you can solve the world’s problems, you need to be on solid ground yourself.

Identify Obstacles

What is in the way of your creativity?  Is it a lack of vision?  Of resources?  Of knowledge?  As issues are clearly defined, solutions follow quickly.


As important as it is to know what you DO want, knowing what you don’t, is equally vital. Success looks different to different people.  What are you offering that is different from what already exists?


Together, we look at what needs to happen to get you from HERE (where you are now) to THERE (where you want to be).  Usually there are multiple paths in need of convergence.  


Time, Talent and Treasure – what do you have already?  Who is already invested and what skills are in your wheelhouse?  What needs to be added?  What are the pieces that already exist?  How can my network support your network?  Collaboration at its best!


They say what you measure, increases – so make sure you are measuring the right things. Without benchmarks and numbers, it’s impossible to know if you are making progress.  

Communication & Buy -In

Do you have buy-in?  Investors?  Employees/Partners?  Enrolling others in your vision is an important step in making it real.  I will help you create the tools to communicate with others – one-sheets, email campaigns, slide decks, etc. – not just sharing, but being able to track how people are responding.


As the project becomes more solid, you will discover “repeatable” actions and events.  These become systematized so they happen with excellence every time and don’t need to be re-learned each iteration.

Remember, each step of the way is a COLLABORATION.  

Your audacious vision.  

My brilliant support.  

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank