Leading with LOVE








I am thinking today about this quote, and about leading with love.

In the Extreme Leadership Accelerator Mastermind, we use Steve Farber’s powerful acronym L.E.A.P. 

(Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof) to create paths toward change. 

To be an effective leader, he suggests, you must 

* Cultivate Love;

* Generate Energy;

* Inspire Audacity and; 

* Provide Proof.  

In this powerful year-long program, we provide exercises and support to help leaders practice this.

But let’s talk about love specifically.  

 And about creating change.

Have you ever tried to change something you hated by forcing it (yourself) into submission?

How did that work for you?

We cannot change existing reality by hating it or trying to MAKE it different.  

To be effective change-makers, we must start by identifying the thing we love.  

Why is it so important to have things be different?  

What is giving energy to your drive?

In other words, Why do you care so much?!

By naming the truth about what’s really bothering us, we can figure out how to love it.

In my personal life, this can show up as anger about feeling pain.  My foot hurts; ergo “stupid foot!” Obviously, this isn’t going to solve anything.  In order to make CHANGE happen, I need to care enough to investigate what’s causing the problem.

Professionally, we often react to someone else’s behavior by making them the “bad guy.” Alternatively, if we look with love, we can be curious about WHY we’re responding so negatively.  Are they pointing out something we’re hoping to ignore?  Are they themselves in need of something?

Approaching a challenge with an open heart can create amazing transformation.

Addressing the whole person; looking at the bigger picture; leading with love – that’s what will cause us to be able to solve ALL of the problems in the world.


Do you get stuck in anger or fear when you see problems that need solutions?  Let’s chat about how to approach challenges with love.  Or click here to learn more about the Extreme Leadership Accelerator.

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